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Email Update

By Cormeton Dive on 18th July, 2012

Good news! Our Email system is back up and running! We have answered the mail that we have received and we are now able to respond to any new incoming mail. Feel free to now Email us and we will try to respond ASAP ... Read More

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Site Update

By Cormeton Dive on 13th July, 2012

Site Update You may have noticed that we have been unable to answer your Emails and process your orders, this is because for the last week out servers have been down. We finally have control of the website back but at the minute we are still unable to answer your Emails, so If you are still wai... Read More

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Aqualung Now available

By Cormeton Dive Support on 23rd April, 2012

We have finished uploading the Aqualung products to the site! As usual, Have fun browsing through the catalogue ... Read More

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New Torch Range!

By Cormeton Dive Support on 13th April, 2012

 We are happy to announce that as of today we are now working with JMD Sports! Working with JMD means we can now offer you a larger variety and more quality torches than ever! All their products are now live on our site, to browse through them just click HERE ......Also we are adding Aqua... Read More

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New Poseidon Products!

By Cormeton Dive Support on 13th April, 2012

 Hello everyone! We have finished adding the new 2012 products for Poseidon!   Now we have a much bigger and better selection for you to browse through, you can find all the products right HERE We hope you find something you like! Can't find what you're looking for?  We are h... Read More

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Clearance Sales

By Cormeton Dive Support on 27th February, 2012

  We are having a bit of a clear out of all or old stock, all prices have been lowered again so if there is anything you like which is in our clearance section we can guarantee that you will be picking it up cheaper then normal!  All the descriptions will tell you how many items we hav... Read More

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Changes To Watches

By Cormeton Dive Support on 23rd February, 2012

 Hello Everyone!! Today we have to announce that we no longer have Citizen products on our shop site, unfortunately we no longer trade with them. But we can still take your old watches in for servicing or repairs! So if you ever need a price for Servicing or Repairs for your Citizen watch... Read More

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2012 Prices & Manufacturer News

By Cormeton Dive Support on 27th January, 2012

For the first bit of business is to let you customers know that we no longer deal in Sherwood or Akona, so we no longer have any of these manufacturer's items for sale on the site. We have been working hard to bring you new prices for Apeks, IST, Sea & Sea, Dive Rite & Underwater Kineti... Read More

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News on BARE products

By Cormeton Dive Support on 6th January, 2012

Good Afternoon Customer/s We have some news about BARE. We will no longer sell BARE products in our shop after our limited stock items have sold out. BARE and our distributer no longer work together meaning we will no longer be able to stock their products but take full advantage of this as... Read More

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Red Sea Trip

By Cormeton Dive on 21st November, 2011

There's still a few spaces still available for the Red Sea Trip 5th -12th Oct 2012, on the "MV Hurricane" boat. Diving "get wrecked" itinery. Flying from Newcastle, Free nitrox all week! £1150 Contact Michael Warburton ASAP at Read More

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Another offer!

By Cormeton Dive Support on 21st November, 2011

We have decided to  give our customers even more opportunities for some good offers on our dive products! Every month we will be going through the usual dive magazines i.e. Dive, Scuba, Underwater Journal, all these magazines have articles on products they recommend, so we have followed suit... Read More

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Fourth Element New Stock!

By Cormeton Dive Support on 14th November, 2011

 Fourth Element As we informed you a few weeks ago we had to take off most fourth element clothing due to the new stock that was available. We are glad to announce that we now have new Fourth Element gear in. there will be a link at the end of this article for you to click and browse! We ... Read More

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By Cormeton Dive Support on 28th October, 2011

 We have updated our Hydrotech section, with the new 2011 prices and also some shiny new products!  Also if you look at any of our Hydrotech items you will notice on the side bar we have reduced our prices from the RRP and it now shows you! So now you can see how much you are saving whe... Read More

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New Instructors

By Cormeton on 21st October, 2011

Congratulations and well done to our new fully qualified Instructors Derek "Dek" Johnson and Steve Brown.  Welcome to the team guys we are all looking forward to working along side you.  We are sure you'll bring with you fresh new ideas and enthusiasm to our already well establis... Read More

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We are in the Journal!

By Cormeton Dive Support on 5th October, 2011

Last night 4th October 2011 we were on the 6 0'clock BBC Look North  news! and on the 3rd of October we were in the Journal! Here's the link the News Write up:- JOURNAL LIVE We hope to have the news coverage available to the site soon. Check back! ... Read More

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New Blogs Coming

By Cormeton Dive Support on 5th October, 2011

Soon we will be starting our Regular blog off. It will be all about our diving experiences when we go on dive trips, these blogs will include information about the dive, mention people who were with us, and most of all plenty off pictures! So if you come on any dive trips with us you can be apart of... Read More

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Beaver Prices

By Cormeton Dive Support on 14th September, 2011

To give our customers the best prices possible we have taken 5% off the RRP on ALL BEAVER products! Keep checking our site for more News, Updates, and Better prices each week!! ... Read More

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New Site Live!

By Cormeton Dive Support on 31st August, 2011

Welcome to our brand new website!! After months of hard work Cormeton's online shop is now live. Keep checking back on a daily basis to find the lastest items and special offers, We strive to be the best around so YOU the customer will get the best service and best offers around! You will noti... Read More

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